The mission of the Catholic Robotics League is to inspire, develop, support, and engage competitive robotics teams within the Catholic school system by providing educational workshops, financial assistance, and networking opportunities for students, teachers, coaches, and mentors to foster camaraderie, competition, and compassion within our community.

  • Collaborate to Elevate– As each school shares and improves, the quality of other teams within the CRL will rises.

  • Compete Monthly– There’s incentive to continuously improve designs for the end of year expo - the season doesn’t end when competition ends.

  • Support – Join a network of helpful and supportive robotics enthusiasts who connect during competition season and beyond.

  • Finances – Access fundraising tools and support for researching and pursuing grants. Request assistance with budgeting.

  • Resource Sharing – If more than one school is attending an event, tasks such as transportation can be shared. Bulk purchases of equipment can be made to leverage discounts. Sponsors can be identified across multiple teams.